Industrial burner upgrades or retrofits can provide energy savings, emissions reduction, and increased controllability without the added expense of replacing the entire boiler. If your boiler has been routinely maintained and is in good working order, simply upgrading or replacing the burner can be a cost-effective solution to improving your boiler’s operation. The selection includes conventional burners, duct burners, low NOx, and Ultra-Low NOx for process and power applications.

Our team works to assess and effectively address specific application needs. We will select a burner solution that meets or exceeds your goals and expectations and can offer flexibility for future needs. Our highly customized, reliable systems integrate seamlessly with existing processes. Keep in mind that capacity, fuel, and emissions requirements are important criteria in determining the burner that is best suited for your application.

Power Flamepf

Power Flame offers a full line of commercial, industrial, process, air handling, and Low NOx burners for a wide range of applications. They work with multiple control manufacturers to provide various control options and functionality, from simple and compact to large and highly efficient. Power Flame’s forced draft gas burners are designed to fire natural, propane, oil, and waste gases. Exclusive firing head designs provide optimum efficiency and stable combustion under either negative or positive chamber conditions. They are shipped completely assembled, wired, factory fire-tested, and listed by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. (UL).  They offer:

  • Type AC – Gas and light oil 420,000 – 19,100,000 BTU/HR
  • Type C – Gas and light oil 98,000 – 19,100,00 BTU/HR
  • CMAX – Gas and oil 1,260,000 – 120,000,000 BTU/HR
  • Ultra CMAX – Gas and light oil 8,400,000 – 25,200,000 BTU/HR
  • Type CX – Gas 50,000 – 2,500,000 BTU/HR
  • Type FD/FDM – Gas 30,000 – 5,000,000 BTU/HR
  • Type HAC – Gas and heavy oil 1,200,00 – 11,600,000 BTU/HR
  • Type JA – Gas 300,000 – 2,200,000 BTU/HR
  • Type JA HTD – Gas 50,000 – 2,200,000 BTU/HR
  • Water Tube Boilers – Gas and oil 12,500,000 – 120,000,000 BTU/HR
  • Nova – Gas and oil 300,000 – 92,400,000 BTU/HR
  • Nova Plus – Gas 2,000,000- 64,200,000 BTU/HR
  • Nova Plus 2 – Gas 400,000 – 8,600,000 BTU/HR
  • Nova Premix – Gas 400,000 – 2,200,000 BTU/HR
  • Vector – Gas and oil 16,800,000 – 63,000,000 BTU/HR
  • X4 – Gas 40,000 – 725,000 BTU/HR
  • SCS-AB Controls
  • SCS Controls


Zeeco industrial burner packages feature a short, compact flame to eliminate impingement issues on fire tube walls, allowing for greater flame stability, lower maintenance costs, and consistent heat distribution. Each burner includes automatic flame monitoring and shut-off, rotary air dampers for precise low torque air control, as well as a combustion air fan. Exclusive Zeeco advanced combustion technologies deliver superior performance and extra-long life. Zeeco burners are routinely used in industrial and utility-grade facilities worldwide