electric boilerElectric boilers offer the advantages of high efficiency, simple maintenance, and dependable performance. All electrical components used in electric boilers should be UL listed or recognized. Compared to other types of boilers, such as gas or oil heaters, electric boilers are safe, clean, and quiet. In terms of the electricity used by the boiler, they deliver near-total efficiency.

When specifying an electric boiler, there are a number of factors to consider, starting with capacity, which mainly applies to the amount of liquid that can be heated over a set period of time. Electric boiler heating power is measured in BTU per hour, referring to the amount of water a unit could heat in an hour. It is important to consider the amount of water the boiler will need to heat over a certain time period. The electric boiler psi rating, which is the amount of pressure it can safely contain, should also be considered.

Electric boilers are not as common as fired boilers and have a unique fit into specific markets. Lathrop Trotter works with manufacturers on a case-by-case basis to provide the optimal solution for each of our customers. Optional features and trim are available for custom design requirements.

  • Steam Boiler – Many options are available to suit a wide range of process needs, available in ratings from 15kW to 4000kW.
  • Hot Water Boiler – High degree of flexibility in design and specification, available in ratings from 15kW to 4240k.