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The Beumer Pipe Conveyor is an enclosed transportation system used for handling a wide variety of bulk materials. The conveyor system looks like an open troughed conveyor at the loading and discharging points, however after the loading point, the belt is formed into its typical tubular shape. After a certain distance, the conveyor is finally led to the discharging point, where the belt opens automatically and transfers the material to its next destination. Advantages of the pipe conveyor include protection of the conveyed material against external influences as well as the protection of the environment against escaped material as it is conveyed.  The pipe conveyor design also eliminates or reduces the need for transfer points.  This system has a low investment and maintenance cost while providing high operational safety.


The Dürr product line significantly expands our capabilities in the area of oxidizer technology and services:

  • Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers – Safe and complete oxidation of exhaust gases and liquid residues using customized equipment and methods including the Dürr Ecopure® RL single Rotary Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers and Ecopure® RTO traditional multi—chamber oxidizer technologies.
  • Recuperative Thermal Oxidizers – The Ecopure® TAR Recuperative Thermal Oxidizer is a pre-assembled compact unit consisting of a combustion chamber, burner and a shell and tube heat exchanger for preheating the incoming air. Because of construction techniques and metallurgy used, the heat exchanger end plate is generally insensitive to the high thermal strain to which the system is exposed. An adjustable bypass system regulates the exhaust air volumes and temperatures based on solvent concentrations and heats of combustion. In this way, the heat recovery of the unit can be matched to process requirements.
  • Direct Fired Thermal Oxidizers – Ecopure® VAR systems are used for gaseous and liquid applications with high caloric content and/or explosive potential. Energy can be recovered in the form of steam, water, thermal oil or air by cooling the hot flue gases. Complete systems can have add-on options for NOx reduction, mist elimination, waste water treatment, and acid gas scrubbing.
  • Adsorption/VOC Concentrators– Ecopure® KPR concentrator systems are ideal for the treatment of large exhaust air volumes with low pollutant concentrations, thus reducing operating costs and energy consumption.
  • NOx Control – onsite process analysis and development of systems customized to meet NOx abatement requirements.

As a qualified provider of comprehensive aftermarket services for oxidizers and air emissions control systems, Dürr partners with our team to meet a wide range of needs. We are your source for inspections, routine maintenance, rebuilds, and retrofit parts for all types of air pollution control equipment from any manufacturer. More info on Dürr aftermarket oxidizer services:

  • Modifications, Retrofits, and Upgrades
  • System Inspections, Maintenance, and Repairs
  • 24/7 Emergency Service Hotline
  • Spare Parts
  • Operator Training Programs and Classes
  • Energy Management and Heat Recovery
Durr Oxidizer Add On


Butterfly / Wafer Dampers –  typically used for moderated flow control when precision is not critical. Uniquely designed with heavy-duty blades and housing, to provide maximum resistance to heat stresses, corrosion, metal fatigue and distortion. Diverter Dampers – can be configured in a low-leak or zero-leak design, with a toggle-type or pivot style diverter damper for HRSG, waste heat recovery, natural gas turbine and other systems that require diversion of the gas stream. Guillotine Slide Gate Dampers – custom designs proven reliable in some of the harshest environments such as gas turbine outlets, high dust loading cement plants, high corrosion in coal-fired power plants, and power boiler isolation. Louver Dampers – designed to fit application specifications and suited for processes in which precise flow control is required including applications such as coal-fired power plants, and heavy dust industrial applications. Poppet Dampers – ideal for applications that require quick cycling time and tight shut-off. Designed to control the reverse gas flow, outlet flow, and bypass flow of gases, thus enhancing filtration. Radial Vane Dampers – multiple blade design around a center hub changes the fan curve as the damper moves, eliminating low-volume stalling of the fan for increased performance. Stack Isolation Dampers – engineered to provide accurate air flow and isolation at high temperature levels, and decrease the stack effect of a system when offline, protecting ductwork from the elements. Composite Expansion Joints – temperature applications from 600°F to in excess of 1500°F, and an outer later material consisting of woven fiberglass and fluoropolymer resins for chemical resistance. Non-Metallic Expansion Joints – custom-engineered non-metallic designs for boilers, incinerators, fans, environmental control equipment such as SCRs, FGD and fabric filters.


Innovative Cooling Solutions for applications in the power generation, industrial, refrigeration, and HVAC evaporative cooling industries. EvapTech Series EC cooling towers are induced draft, counterflow towers custom designed to meet requirements for cost, footprint, power consumption and pumphead. EvapTech EX series cooling towers are induced draft, crossflow towers custom engineered to customer specfication for cost, footprint, power consumption and pumphead. EvapTech EM series cooling towers are masonry towers for HVAC applications. EvapTech ES/ESP series cooling towers are high quality fire-retardant fiberglass pultrusions with proven structural integrity and a design methodology confirmed by FM Approvals Standard Class 4930 for resistance to the most extreme natural hazards.

United Conveyor Corporationucc

United Conveyor Corporation (UCC) offers the widest selection of fly ash handling, bottom ash handling and multi-pollutant control systems (dry sorbent injection and activated carbon injection) available. Every UCC dry sorbent injection, activated carbon injection and ash handling system is engineered to meet the unique criteria of an individual power plant. Designs are based on customer specification, laboratory test data, UCC design standards and proven experience.