Institutional Heatinginstitutional

Schools, universities, and other campuses require highly efficient and low-emission heating solutions. Our team of experienced professionals can select effective heating, ventilation, and air condition solutions that are safe and efficient in single buildings and throughout campus networks. Heat recovery and combined heat and power (CHP) solutions can also make sense to conserve energy and reduce operating costs. We develop and deliver the right solutions by thoroughly studying the facility and addressing all application needs.


Boilers are used more in the healthcare market than any other. Boilers play a vital role in hospitals, providing steam for a variety of processes, such as equipment sterilization, hot water heating, and heating hospital buildings. Making efficiency and clean air a priority, our experts develop systems that provide hospitals with improved overall efficiency and lower boiler emissions. Depending on the size of the facility and the overall loads, combined heat and power (CHP) and heat recovery can also be beneficial to healthcare facilities. We select and can supply the entire system, ensuring that all elements work together seamlessly while maximizing efficiency for the unique demands of hospitals.

Process Steamprocess-steam

Our experienced team meets steam application needs with products and systems that deliver the best performance and outstanding reliability. From steam boilers for food processing and manufacturing to high-pressure steam processes in hospitals and factories, we have your process steam needs covered.

Industrial Process Equipment

Power generation, pollution control, and wastewater treatment for industrial processes must be dependable to keep productivity and profits flowing. Our team has the knowledge and experience required to select equipment and develop systems customized to meet specific application requirements. We have developed successful solutions for a wide range of industrial processes.

UtilityCentral Utah Coal-Fired Power Plant

Utility plants require reliable systems, products, and suppliers in order to keep their facilitates operational. Teamed with the leading manufacturers in the utility market, our knowledgeable team has the experience and products that can provide the right solution to meet specific application requirements. We have vast experience working with plants to meet their emission and efficiency goals.