Heat recovery steam generators (HRSG) and stack economizers can be used with industrial processes such as ovens, dryers, oxidizers and large capacity boilers. They are typically configured to handle either horizontal or vertical gas flow, they can be designed to precisely meet to your performance, pressure-drop, and space constraints. Expense and fuel consumption can be dramatically reduced by recovering heat that would otherwise be lost to the atmosphere.


Rentech has a full range of custom-designed HRSG systems to meet the most demanding project requirements. A leading innovator in heat recovery steam generators for gas turbines up to MW, Rentech delivers designs based on operating conditions and environment, allowing for custom-engineered HRSGs.


Merging long-life economizers with highly dependable evaporator, feedwater heater, and superheater technology, E-Tech engineers and builds custom heat recovery steam generators. HRSG units are custom-designed to meet specific plant operating requirements and steam turbine-driving needs in a single, fully assembled package.


Sofame offers direct contact condensing heat recovery systems that utilize in plant heat sinks to dramatically reduce exhaust gas temperatures. Typically these heat sinks may be: cold water make up for the boiler, plant process water, domestic hot water, etc. It is not uncommon to improve the overall thermal efficiency of a central steam plant by 25% when the right conditions exist. Beyond the reductions in operating costs, emissions are also reduced, so direct contact condensing heat recovery systems may also be used as a means to cut greenhouse gas emissions from your facility.