Cincinnati Fan

Model HDAF industrial fanCentrifugal Industrial Fans from Cincinnati Fan offer a host of advantages:

  • Durable Construction – Heavy gauge steel housings are continuously welded to prevent leakage. 7 and 10 gauge steel is used for the construction of the fan bases. Fan bases also feature internal bracing to prevent pulsation at all conditions, which means fewer field problems.
  • Rotatable Housings – The housings on most models can be rotated in 45° increments in the field, allowing for field conversion without replacing the blower.
  • Easy Maintenance – Designed for easy replacement of components without disturbing the inlet and/or discharge connections to minimize downtime.
  • Quality Components – Belt-driven designs feature self-aligning, cast iron, grease lubricated, pillow block bearings sized for a minimum 150,000 hours average life. Turned, ground, and polished fan shafts are coated with a high-quality rust preventative to ensure long service life.

Tube Axial Industrial Fans are available in seven different models, belt drive and direct drive, with spark resistant cast aluminum propellers, steel propellers, and stainless steel propellers.

  • Capacities up to 44,500 CFM and 10″ SP
  • Standard construction, airstream temperatures up to 175° F (79° C)
  • Optional high-temperature construction, temperatures up to 375° F (190° C)

Fans can also be constructed in 100% stainless steel. The spark-resistant cast aluminum propeller is often a standard requirement for paint spray booth exhaust applications as well as other exhaust applications.

AirPro Fan

Designed for a variety of airflow volumes and pressure combinations, AirPro’s industrial duty, centrifugal fans and blowers satisfy a wide range of application requirements:

  • Airfoil Fansairpro-fan
  • Backward Curved Fans
  • Backward Inclined Fans
  • High-Pressure Radial Shrouded Fans
  • High-Pressure Radial Open Fans
  • Industrial Exhauster Fans
  • Top Mount Fans

A variety of construction materials are available for the fan wheel, airstream accessories, or the entire fan. We will determine the best high-quality materials for your application, depending on whether your project involves high operating temperatures, caustic contaminants, or explosive environments.

Hartzell Air Movement

Hartzell Air Movement is a pioneer and leading innovator in the development of fiberglass corrosion-resistant fans and blowers. The product line includes axial fans, centrifugal fans, wall fans, exhaust fans, propeller fans, and roof ventilators in fiberglass as well as fabricated steel construction. Also offered are bifurcated fiberglass fans, direct-fired heating equipment, and make-up air solutions.

The Hartzell fiberglass fan advantages:

Hartzell fiberglass fan

  • A broad range of products for any corrosive application
  • Lightweight, yet extremely strong for a long service life
  • A variety of fiberglass props with airfoil design
  • Moisture-resistant coating (HartKoate) available where both moisture and corrosives exist in the airstream
  • Time-tested, reliable performance and long-lasting durability

Hartzell Fiberglass Fans are available for general ventilation, process ventilation axial fans, and process ventilation centrifugal fans.

  • Sizes 12” – 60”
  • Volumes up to 11,400 CFM (750,000 cubic meters/hour)

Daniels Fans

The trusted name for high-temperature fans, Daniels Fans has extensive experience in developing solutions for a host of customers, including furnace manufacturers worldwide.

Daniels high-temperature fans include four aerodynamic designs that offer a wide range of solutions for thermal process applications:daniels-fan

  • Operating temperatures up to 2,200 F (1,200 C)
  • Volumes up to 440,000 CFM (750,000 cubic meters/hour)
  • Pressures to 80” WG (2,000 mm WG)
  • Wheel diameters to 102 inches (2,600mm)

Your high-temperature fan can be designed and built in a variety of configurations to meet your needs:

  • Belt or direct drive
  • Housed fan
  • High-temperature plug fans
  • Insulated double wall housings
  • Un-insulated housings
  • Reversible axial flow fans
  • Gas-tight construction

Your high-temperature fan can also be custom-designed to fit your thermal treatment equipment. Typically, air-cooled shafts and bearings are used to eliminate costly and problematic water cooling.

Repair and retrofit services are available too.