Harsco Industrial Patterson-Kelley Hydronic High Efficiency Boilersharsco-industrial-patterson-kelley-hydronic-high-efficiency-boilers

Patterson-Kelley’s highly efficient MACH & SONIC condensing boilers are universal and suitable for condensing, non-condensing, and combination systems. CSA certified up to 96% efficiency with actual net thermal efficiencies up to 99%, P-K condensing boilers represent a commitment to green technology and innovation. The ultra-high efficiency of P-K boilers helps reduce fuel bills by as much as 80%.

Miura LX Series High Efficiency Boilerlx-series-miura

The Miura LX Series boilers require 50% less floor space than typical firetube boilers and do not require tube pull space. This allows for double capacity or a reduction of space requirements in the case of new construction. Miura’s compact design means much smaller radiation losses and larger fuel savings, which provide standard high-pressure steam efficiencies of 85-87%, with available NOx ratings as low as 9 ppm.

Superior High Efficiency Condensing BoilersHigh Efficiency Boiler

The Superior Creek Condensing Boiler is a high-performance, high-efficiency heating boiler. The foundation of the Creek condensing boiler is its titanium-infused stainless steel heat exchanger, which is integral to its high efficiency. This boiler can withstand the corrosiveness of condensed flue gases for long service life. The horizontal combustion chamber is large, limiting the formation of Nitrogen Oxides (NOx), and is paired with a specially designed vertical condensing section of AISI 316 Ti stainless steel. Burners, controls, and pumps are all premium OEM components.

Unilux Hot Water Boilersunilux-hot-water-high-efficiency

Unilux offers the only five-pass, bent watertube boiler that operates at 85% efficiency. This “W” series of watertube boilers feature a tangent tube design, allowing for excellent convective internal pumping and heat transfer. The Unilux “W” series of watertube boilers also offer the widest size range in this design. The controls are designed for easy access and maximum accuracy.