UCC Environmental

Partnering with UCC Environmental (UCC), the Lathrop Trotter team offers industry-leading technical resources and environmental management solutions that meet the most complex water treatment challenges. We serve industries such as:

  • Power Generation
  • Mining
  • Pulp and Paper
  • Oil and Gas
  • Refining and Petrochemical
  • Aggregates
  • And More

Working with UCC, we develop holistic solutions that address site-specific needs to meet regulatory compliance. Our proven, dependable systems address all wastewater treatment needs and integrate well with existing processes.

Low-Volume Wastewater Treatment

We thoroughly evaluate your plant operations to design a system that provides dependable, repeatable treatment performance over various operating conditions specific to your facility. We work hard to reduce equipment complexity, maximize equipment availability, and ensure superior system performance for your low-volume wastewater treatment and NPDES compliance needs.

Industrial Wash Water Treatment

On-site demonstration testing is performed to validate compliance strategy and to optimize the reduction of suspended solids, removal of targeted heavy metals, and pH control for industrial wash water treatment. Modifications can be made during testing to devise a meaningful, customized plan to effectively meet compliance.

Turnkey Mobile Solutions

We understand budget, time, and resource constraints surrounding the continued operation of core processes and treatment equipment during unplanned events. Lathrop Trotter offers UCC short-term solutions such as:

  • Temporary, short-term and long-term treatment solutions
  • Mobile equipment
  • Process integration design
  • Installation services
  • Operational support

Our team is able to mobilize quickly for emergency response and also transition the emergency response system to a long-term temporary or permanent capital system solution.

Chemical Injection Skid Rentals

Skid-mounted wastewater treatment chemical injection systems are available for short- or long-term equipment needs. These rental units can be rapidly mobilized and will reliably deliver chemical dosage and injection rates specific to needs. They will operate on short notice and be augmented with other mobile bolton system treatment options.

Proprietary UCC Wastewater Treatment Chemicals

Lathrop Trotter is your source for the UCC complete line of wastewater treatment chemicals designed for heavy industrial applications. These proprietary chemical formulations are customized for site-specific needs that optimize reliability while meeting local, state, and federal compliance requirements. UCC chemicals are available with chemical injection skids for a comprehensive and cost-effective solution.


A critical step in end-to-end wastewater treatment is material and sludge dewatering. Our team will conduct independent treatability studies and provide our expertise in equipment selection. We also offer media replacement on belts and plates, plate refurbishment services, and system improvement processes or chemistry optimization for existing systems experiencing low efficiency or in need of maintenance. For emergency, temporary, or operational flexibility needs we also provide mobile dewatering solutions.

Oil Water Separation

The oily wastewater generated in many industrial facilities requires treatment before discharge. Lathrop Trotter works with UCC to offer expertise in traditional forms of free oil separation, including API separators, coalescing plate separators, dissolved air flotation, and dissolved nitrogen flotation (for combustible pollutants). UCC specialty chemicals are available for cases in which an upstream chemical emulsion breaking step is necessary before the separation of free oils.

High BOD and COD Waste Streams

Many facilities generate a waste stream high in biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) and chemical oxygen demand (COD). In the case of direct dischargers aerobic treatment alone may be too expensive – a two-stage anaerobic-aerobic process may be preferable. Discharging this type of wastewater to a publicly owned treatment facility generally comes with a significant surcharge due to added oxygen demand. We can provide anaerobic solutions such as an up-flow anaerobic sludge blanket digester that will remove the bulk of the BOD while recovering valuable methane.