Depend on Lathrop Trotter for expert boiler service on industrial steam and hot water boilers. Industrial and commercial boilers provide the essential heat and power needed for a wide range of processes and operations.

These powerful systems play a critical role, and any disruption in their operation can lead to costly downtime, decreased efficiency, and even safety hazards for your business. Dependable boiler service is of paramount importance.

Jamie Light Service Manager

Jamie Light

Service Manager

(513) 817-88997 years with Lathrop, 25 years in the industry

Colton Goudy Boiler Technician

Colton Goudy

Boiler Technician

(513) 484-00634 years

John Hughes Boiler Technician

John Hughes

Boiler Technician

(513) 346-89603 years

Alec Mueller Boiler Technician Apprentice

Alec Mueller

Boiler Technician Apprentice

(513) 609-50811 year

Jake Parker

Boiler Technician

(502) 475-56083 years

Boiler Inspections

Regular inspection of boilers helps to identify and rectify potential safety issues before they become disasters. Our trained professionals can inspect and maintain safety features, control systems, and pressure relief valves, ensuring the safety of both personnel and the surrounding environment. Regular inspections can also ensure that your equipment complies with regulations, preventing costly fines and legal complications. Typical inspections included, but not limited to:

  • Annual
  • Insurance Inspections
  • Seasonal Tunings

Boiler Equipment Retrofits

Burner upgrades or retrofits can provide energy savings, emissions reduction, and better performance without the added expense of replacing the entire boiler. If your boiler has been routinely maintained and is in good working order, simply upgrading or replacing the burner can be a cost-effective solution to improving your boiler’s operation. We are able to upgrade and retrofit burners firing multiple fuels. Most common include:

  • Gas Fired
  • Oil fired
  • Specialty Fuels

Our team works to assess and effectively address your specific needs. We provide highly customized, reliable systems that integrate seamlessly with existing processes.

Boiler Controls Upgrades

Even the best boiler systems will eventually demonstrate a decline in efficiency. Upgrading the control components can dramatically improve your boiler’s efficiency and enhance your energy savings. The costs associated with an upgrade are soon offset as the investment will pay for itself and ultimately pay dividends.

Combustion Control Upgrades:

  • Fireeye
  • Honeywell
  • Siemens

Deaerator Controls Upgrades:

  • Siemens
  • Honeywell

The Cost of Neglecting Boiler Service Can be Substantial

Emergency repairs and replacements are often more expensive than regular maintenance. Additionally, energy savings resulting from an efficiently running or upgraded boiler system can substantially offset operational costs and improve bottom line. Contact our team to discuss your needs.

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