Industrial Commercial Equipment (I.C.E.)

ICE Air HandlingCustom Commercial HVAC Manufacturing

HVAC equipment designed and manufactured to specification, including make-up air, air turnover, energy recovery and semi-custom units.

  • Natural and Propane Gas Fired Direct and Indirect Make Up Air Units
  • Air Rotation Units
  • Custom integrated Heat Recovery units
  • DX, Chilled Water, and Direct Evaporative Cooling
  • Hot Water, Steam, and Electric Heating

Johnson Air Rotation® Systems

Johnson Air Rotation Equipment
Air Rotation systems supply conditioned air to a large open spaces using high volume, low velocity, air-circulation. The conditioned air may be heated, cooled, humidified, dehumidified or supplemented with outside, fresh air as defined by the requirements of the application. Air Rotation is a comprehensive conditioning system with general ventilation that results in vertical temperature control, low energy and maintenance costs, with no stratification.

LJ Wing

IFB & VIFB coil controls air temperature while full steam pressure or water flow is maintained in the coil at all times. Regardless of variations in the inlet air temperature, the preset discharge air temperature is held constant. These systems are ideally suited for make-up air, combustion air make-up, air conditioning preheat and heating and ventilating units.

Multi-stage face and bypass coils provide greater temperature control flexibility and offer more dependable VAV operation. They also offer greater freeze protection and ease of installation than any other coil available.


Mar Craft Air Handling EquipmentMarCraft custom HVAC systems are engineered and fabricated using the most advanced technology available and our experienced craftsmanship, resulting in the highest quality product possible. A key advantage gained with a MarCraft custom system is reduced maintenance costs to serviceability and high-quality components. A projected equipment life of over 50 years means the MarCraft System you purchase will serve you throughout your career.

RAE Coils

RAE Industrial CoilsRAE Coils offers a comprehensive line of HVAC heating and cooling coils for replacement and new construction needs. From basic duct booster coils to custom coils, we meet your specifications with quick, accurate service, and competitive prices.

  • Booster Coils – RAE Coils is one of the leading manufacturers of stocked Booster Coils in the United States, with over 61 different sizes in stock.
  • Condenser Coils – RAE Coils will duplicate your existing coils without the premium. Available with single or multiple circuiting for condensing or heat reclaim applications.
  • Fluid Coils – From chilled water or hot water to glycol coil applications, RAE Coils provides on-time selections and drawings for any application.
  • Industrial Coils – RAE Coils provides high quality heavy-duty industrial coils designed for easy maintenance, low operating costs, and longevity.
  • Steam Coils – RAE Coils can build a 5/8” standard steam coil or a 1” steam distributing coil to meet almost every application need.