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Facilities that experience excessive heat or airborne particulate resulting from manufacturing processes must exhaust the hot and/or contaminated air to maintain optimal plant conditions. In order to avoid negative pressure and inhibited air flow, it is essential that an effective means for resupplying fresh air be integrated into a comprehensive air handling solution. Wing HS FAS High Static Fresh Air Supply units provide an efficient strategy for delivering a constant volume of fresh, tempered air. Lathrop Trotter is your source for this innovative fresh air solution.

HS FAS Units achieve effective temperature control through integral face and bypass coils with steam or hot water as the source of heating. This industry-recognized face and bypass method of temperature control, which has been pioneered and perfected by Wing, eliminates the need for modulating control valves. This particular unit provides a versatile heating/filtration system for applications requiring clean and tempered make-up air.

The HS FAS supports up to MERV 10 filters or 2.5 inches of ducted static pressure. It is the ideal make-up air heater for interior rooms such as kitchens, or areas in which plating, painting, welding, etching, and similar processes occur.

Lathrop Trotter is your source for air handling solutions to keep your facility safe and energy efficient. To learn more about the advantages of Wing HS FAS High Static Fresh Air Supply units, or to discuss your fresh air make up air needs, contact the Lathrop Trotter team today.

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