Lathrop Trotter Expands Superior Boiler Product Line Offerings & Territory

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Lathrop Trotter is proud to be a manufacturer’s representative for Superior Boiler Works, global leader in the manufacture of scotch marine firetube boilers, condensing boilers, water tube boilers and HRSGs, biomass systems and associated boiler room equipment for process steam, hot water, and waste heat recovery. Superior Boiler Works is known for industry innovation and… Read more »

Introducing the Cheyenne High Efficiency Condensing Boiler

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In the boiler industry, Superior Boiler is known for flexibility and resourcefulness. The Superior Boiler line of industrial and commercial boilers for all market segments meets the most complex boiler challenges to keep businesses running efficiently. The latest innovation from the Superior Boiler is the Cheyenne Condensing Boiler, a high-performance condensing boiler that is one… Read more »

Boiler Burner Basics

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Effective boiler combustion system design involves fuel preparation, air and fuel distribution, furnace design, and combustion control. A mechanical device called the burner lies at the heart of this system. The job of the burner is to supply the required amount of fuel and air to create a condition of rapid mixing and flame propagation…. Read more »

Understanding Watertube Boilers

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To satisfy large loads or to provide superheated steam to process applications with the highest degree of efficiency and safety, watertube boilers offer an excellent alternative to conventional firetube boilers. Watertube technology is a more recent development in boiler technology compared with the more traditional fire tube design. The primary difference between these types of… Read more »

How a Deaerator Can Optimize Boiler Performance

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Deaerators are often used in conjunction with steam-generating boilers for the removal of oxygen and other dissolved gases from the boiler’s feedwater. Deaerators are typically designed to remove oxygen down to levels of 7 ppb by weight (0.005 cm³/L) or less, while virtually eliminating carbon dioxide. The removal of these contaminants is important due to… Read more »

Two Varieties of Electric Boilers With Distinct Advantages

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Electric boilers provide reliable performance and efficiency, while being safer and cleaner than other types of boilers. Lathrop Trotter is proud to offer electric steam and hot water boilers from Precision Boilers. There are two varieties of electric boilers: submersible resistant element type boilers and electrode type boilers. These two kinds of electric boilers rarely… Read more »

Introducing the New P-K SOLIS™ Vertical Firetube Boiler

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Lathrop Trotter is proud to offer the new P-K SOLIS™ vertical firetube boiler, the first condensing firetube made by Patterson-Kelley. Delivering the highest quality and efficiency, this condensing boiler is designed to provide optimal comfort as well as savings. Each model features a unique geometric design that optimizes heat transfer, leading to efficiencies of up… Read more »

How Boiler Corrosion Occurs and How to Deal With It

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When it comes to boiler maintenance, you may be focused on major problems like component failures or system breakdowns. You must also be on the lookout for boiler corrosion, a less obvious but very serious problem that can rapidly develop into catastrophic failure of your boiler. Boiler corrosion happens when any iron that is present… Read more »

Condensing Boilers: Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger Options

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Condensing boilers achieve high efficiency by condensing water vapor in the exhaust gases to recover latent heat, which would otherwise be wasted. A conventional boiler burns fuel, producing hot gases that pass through a heat exchanger where much of the heat is transferred to the water. Vapor produced in the combustion process rises into the… Read more »

Six Ways a Modularized Boiler Room Can Improve Your Project

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Modularized design is an effective strategy for the construction of a steam plant project. A modularized approach involves skid mounting, prewiring and pre-piping all the required boiler room equipment components into a self-contained unit, and shipping it complete from the factory. The modularized boiler package is then delivered to job sites where they can be… Read more »