Lathrop Trotter Offers Evaptech Cooling Tower Fill Solutions

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Environmental regulations regarding intake and discharge issues have required a transition to the use of cooling towers or air-cooled condensers, rather than traditional once-through cooling from a local water source such as a river or lake. Proper chemistry control is vital to steady heat transfer and stability in cooling towers. Cooling towers and the tower… Read more »

Lathrop Trotter Featured in EvapTech Rep Spotlight

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Lathrop Trotter is proud to be a “Featured Rep” in the most recent EvapTech newsletter. EvapTech® is a leading designer and manufacturer of cooling towers for customer needs in the power generation, industrial, refrigeration, and HVAC evaporative cooling markets. Our team first partnered with EvapTech in 2009, and has since represented their products in the… Read more »