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ucc miningLathrop Trotter is a proud partner of UCC Environmental (UCCE), a leader in the design, supply, installation, and maintenance of wastewater treatment, ash handling, and other abrasive material handling systems. Working with UCC, Lathrop Trotter provides industry-leading technical resources and environmental management solutions that solve the most complex water treatment challenges.

UCCE Project Spotlight: Mining Operation Needed to Treat Contaminated Groundwater

UCC Environmental is committed to solving groundwater challenges in an economical, compliant, and safe way. When a mining customer needed a treatment solution for contaminated groundwater, UCCE was able to assist. The operation is required to pump groundwater to keep abandoned mining excavations above the water table. The water had high concentrations of mercury, iron, and manganese, which needed to be removed before discharge.

Upon thorough analysis of the process, UCCE provided a value-engineered design concept which included the chemical oxidation of manganese followed by chemical precipitation and filtration. The system is engineered to flow by gravity, which streamlines the process. It includes two greensand pressure filters, two tanks, and several pump skids. Eliminating some of the equipment used in the original system has reduced the system’s footprint and simplified its operation. Other advantages of the UCCE system include lower capital, operational, and maintenance costs. The benefits of the UCCE value-engineered design resulted in their selection as the preferred supplier to design and supply the process equipment and treat the contaminated groundwater. Read the full report here.

UCCE and Lathrop Trotter Offer Comprehensive Wastewater Treatment Solutions

Lathrop Trotter and UCC Environmental work hard to ensure the water from your process is properly managed throughout a variety of operational and environmental conditions. Our combined expertise in system design, process chemistry, plant integration, and operational excellence will ensure your plant water balance has been carefully evaluated. Our services include:

Working with UCCE and Lathrop Trotter Means Important Advantages for Your Operations

  • Proven Low Volume Wastewater Treatment Technologies
  • Operational Flexibility and Streamlined System Integration
  • Reduced Capital and Operating & Maintenance Costs
  • Operation and Maintenance Services Available
  • Remote Monitoring and Reporting Capabilities
  • NPDES Program Compliance Support
  • Operation and Maintenance Services Available
  • Remote Monitoring and Reporting Capabilities
  • Successful Reference Installations
  • Turnkey Project Delivery Options

Your Source for Wastewater Treatment Solutions

We develop comprehensive solutions that address site-specific needs to meet regulatory compliance. Our proven, dependable systems address all wastewater treatment needs and integrate well with existing processes. Contact us to discuss your wastewater project.

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