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It is widely accepted in the boiler industry that watertube boilers are safer than firetube boilers by design. In a watertube boiler, a high volume of water is distributed amongst many small tube and the amount of water in the drum is relatively small. In the event that a watertube bursts, pressure vessel pressure is slowly bled off and the likelihood of flash steam is minimal. A crack in the shell or a loose flue end in a firetube boiler, however will cause the whole body of water to experience a sudden and significant drop in pressure. The resulting steam flash is huge and can cause a powerful explosion.

In addition to being intrinsically safer in this regard, Miura’s watertube boilers incorporate industry-leading safety features, such as a tube temperature sensor and scale monitor, as standard components on every boiler model. Miura boilers offer all of the standard watertube boiler features with the added advantage of available horsepower being similar to that of a typical firetube boiler. The cost of a Miura watertube boiler is also comparable to that of a standard firetube boiler.

Miura Engineered Safety Features

  • Additional high pressure cut-offs
  • Watertube over heat cut-off
  • Flue gas over heat cut-off
  • Scale over heat monitor
  • Water pump capacity monitor
  • Flame sensor self-check
  • Automatic surface blow down
  • Automatic bottom blow down (optional)
  • Automatic water shut-off valve (optional)

Miura watertube boilers feature  ASME / UL safety designs and installation codes, purge requirements, and ventilation requirements. Additionally a unique pressure vessel design allows the waterside failure to be contained within the boiler.

Absolute safety is essential, so Miura boilers are designed and engineered to achieve this goal, while maximizing reliability and efficiency.

With more than 140,000 units in operation world-wide, Miura’s “Safer by Design” boilers have experienced zero catastrophic vessel failures resulting in casualty. Lathrop Trotter is your source for Miura boilers. Contact us to discuss your application.

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