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Solar Turbines equipment
Lathrop Trotter is excited to announce the expansion of our representation of Solar Turbines. Since 1996, we have represented Solar Turbines throughout Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky, with the exception of a carve out area in Northeast Ohio. As of our newest agreement with Solar Turbines, our representation now includes Northeastern Ohio and Western Pennsylvania.

Through this expanded partnership, Solar Turbines and Lathrop Trotter will now extend the same experience, expertise, and dedication to serving on-site power and large steam systems to even more businesses.

Solar Turbines is dedicated to making customers successful by delivering innovative and high quality turbomachinery, energy and lifecycle solutions. Their focus is on Combined Heat and Power applications utilizing combustion turbines. CHP or cogeneration utilizing combustion turbines requires a beneficial use of the waste heat from the turbine to make it economically viable. When applied well, the CHP system will off-set spending on other heating fuels, offer more predictable energy costs, and improve the reliability of both the electrical and thermal supply in the plant.

As a Solar Turbine representative specialist, Lathrop Trotter will assist with application development and economic evaluation, especially at an early stage level of capital project planning. Lathrop Trotter will then help at a local level to support the entire major equipment package, and to help the end-user understand how it all works together.

Recently, Lathrop Trotter also entered into an exclusive contract with Babcock Power. BPI specializes in boiler inspections, retrofits, upgrades, and modernization updates. For any facility with a large steam system having issues with their current boilers, new regulations or a desire to improve efficiency may compel them to modernize their systems. Through our partnerships with Solar Turbines and BPI, Lathrop Trotter is uniquely positioned to evaluate existing boiler overhauls, boiler replacements, or cogeneration. We help customers determine their best course of action by evaluating the plant’s existing infrastructure, payback hurdle requirements, and many other economic and technical considerations. Our team has the experience, resources, tools, and knowledge to help any manufacturing plant or university evaluate these different options.

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