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P-K SOLIS vertical firetube boilerLathrop Trotter is proud to offer the new P-K SOLIS™ vertical firetube boiler, the first condensing firetube made by Patterson-Kelley. Delivering the highest quality and efficiency, this condensing boiler is designed to provide optimal comfort as well as savings. Each model features a unique geometric design that optimizes heat transfer, leading to efficiencies of up to 96%, 10:1 mechanical turndown, and ultra-low NOx emissions.

Designed for Best Performance and Efficiency

The innovative design of the P-K SOLIS heat exchanger offers end users the ultimate in boiler performance and longevity. Every aspect of this boiler’s design has been precisely engineered to achieve optimal performance and the best efficiency possible. 

10:1 Mechanical Turndown is the Standard on all P-K SOLIS Units

Patterson-Kelley has been engineered to achieve higher turndown with a unique process that allows the gas valves to consistently turn down without adding excess air. This provides designers with the ability to match input to building loads while maintaining reliability and efficiency.

P-K SOLIS Features

  • 1500-3000 MBTU
  • Up to 96% Thermal Efficiency
  • Full Modulation Burner with 10:1 Mechanical Turndown
  • Ultra-Low NOx Emissions
  • 316 SS Tube & Tube Sheet with a 304 SS Heat Exchanger Shell
  • Removable & Hinged Door Panels – quick access to firetubes & burner for easy maintenance
  • Zero-Clearance Capable for Side-by-Side Installation or Close Boiler Room Application
  • Compact Design Fits Through a Standard 36” Doorway
  • Serviceable & Replaceable Integrated Condensate Tray

Designed to Maximize Heat and Overall Efficiency

The stainless-steel heat exchanger in the P-K SOLIS firetube boiler is engineered to maximize heat as well as overall efficiency. The 316 stainless steel tube and tube sheet provide optimal corrosion resistance, while the 304 SS heat exchanger shell provides added thermal resistance. 

The vertical firetube design allows for single-pass, counter-flow water travel to optimize efficient heat transfer. The precision weldments are generously spaced to resist risk of thermal expansion and thermal shock failures.

Ease of Access for Maintenance

The easy access heat exchanger is designed to allow for simplified and quick maintenance. A swinging door on the heat exchanger provides full access to the tubes and burner within the unit. This makes maintenance and cleaning a quick and cost efficient process.

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