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High Performance Boilers: Four Features that Improve Performance

Industrial and power sectors need a higher level of industrial boiler performance than what is required from boilers used in heating or campus type applications. The types of boilers that operate at this accelerated level are categorized as high performance boilers.

High performance boilers are used for processes in which loss of steam or poor steam quality can result in significant expense for the business. Industrial processes that depend on heat or pressure may have profitability seriously curtailed if an entire batch is lost because of boiler or steam system failure.

A number of features can enhance a boiler to deliver a higher level of performance. The following are just four examples of features that can take boiler performance to the next level:

  1. Two or three element level control – Feed water systems must be able to respond to rapid load changes. Multi-element level control systems apply PID (Proportional – Integral – Derivative) control functions and an appropriate output signal to the feed water valve so that the water level remains consistent, even with dynamic loads.
  2. Digital fuel and air controls – Fuel and air can be accurately matched offer the full range of boiler capacity when there are separate drives for fuel drives and air delivery. Quick response to rapid load swings are possible, and excess air allowed into the combustion process is minimized, keeping stack losses to a minimum.
  3. Draft controls – Furnace pressure can be impacted with stacks exceed 60 feet above operating level due to barometric pressure. A modulating damper used at the boiler outlet allows a constant furnace pressure to be maintained, making combustion easier to control.
  4. Larger steam drums – Steam velocities inside the boiler must be managed to avoid “carryover” of boiler water with steam into the piping system. Larger steam drums increase the area for the steam to disengage and reduce velocity. The larger drums also improve operability, safety, reliability, and provide rapid response to load swings.

These are just a few of the features that contribute to a high performance boiler. To learn more, download our FREE eBook, Choosing the Right Steam Boiler. If you are ready to discuss your project, contact us today!

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