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Choosing The Right Steam Boiler
Lathrop Trotter is proud to present our newest eBook, “Choosing The Right Steam Boiler: Planning With Priorities”. Downloading this eBook supplies engineer with the do’s and don’ts on how to select a steam boiler that is efficient, saves costs, and effective for their application.

To us boiler industry veterans a well-designed boiler that has been properly applied to a particular task borders on a “thing of beauty”. Plant owners, even plant engineers might not recognize how wonderful a quality boiler, that is well maintained, and well matched to its duty is. However, they do know what a curse a poorly designed or poorly selected boiler can be. A troublesome boiler may cause them to lose production, keep them awake at night wondering what is next, or worst of all it may injure a fellow worker. Fortunately, boiler technology and manufacturing has evolved to a very high level and safety systems have certainly kept pace.

To prevent oversights and bad decision making we believe there are five key factor, that one should consider when selecting a steam boiler. Those five things are: safety, reliability, life cycle economics, low first cost, and high performance. In this eBook we take an in-depth look at how to consider and meet each key factor.

Download for free today and start learning!

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