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The modular design concept has become widely adopted in a variety of industrial settings, including steam plant construction. This approach to building systems for steam plants involves skid mounting equipment into self-contained units at the factory. These units are delivered to job sites where they can be stacked and arranged to form customized steam rooms.

The steam boiler equipment skids are built in a controlled environment for high efficiency and optimal working conditions.  They are assembled on a parallel timeline with site construction, to reduce overall project duration.  Lathrop Trotter has found that for many projects, the modular approach in steam plant design delivers key advantages over stick-built boiler systems which are largely designed and developed on site. Modular approach advantages include:

Reduced Over-All Construction Time

  • Construction schedule is considerably more efficient when fabrication of the steam boiler system happens concurrently with construction. With a stick-built steam boiler, construction must be completed before any process system work can begin.
  • Start-up time is reduced as the steam boiler system modules can be fully assembled and tested before they ship.
  • Job site weather delays are eliminated since skids are assembled indoors.

More Accurate Pricing and Lower Costs

  • Labor and operating costs are reduced due to smaller job site work crews and more efficient use of materials
  • Off-site modular unit construction does not shut-down or interrupt pre-existing operations
  • Price proposals are easier to calculate and confirm since the scope of the project is more clearly defined

Improved Job Site Safety

  • Reduced safety risks and on site OSHA exposure hours – potential problems are identified and corrected before the system is delivered
  • Ideal fabrication conditions created by an enclosed manufacturing facility further reduce safety risk for fabricators

Fewer Resource Requirements

  • Production style assembly and ideal construction conditions reduce wasted material
  • Simplified design reduces overall construction costs and part maintenance complications
  • Need to find on site specialized assembly and fabrication technicians is eliminated

Higher Quality Control in Fabrication

  • Welding, pipe-fitting and other fabrication steps are performed under ideal conditions
  • Highly trained and experienced assembly and fabrication technicians ensure consistent work and skill availability

Greater Flexibility and System Design Improvements

  • Less on-site space requirements – modular units are designed to best utilize space layout
  • Serviceability can be considered in the design stage – service areas can be designed into the system

Lathrop Trotter is highly skilled and experienced in customizing standard steam boiler system building-block modular units to create highly efficient boiler room systems that maximize performance and reduce long-term operating costs. Our team assists clients in working through a menu of features and options that customize each system to meet the needs of their particular process or facility.

Our team would love the opportunity to design a modular steam plant system to meet your needs! Contact us to discuss your project.

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