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Electric boilers provide reliable performance and efficiency, while being safer and cleaner than other types of boilers. Lathrop Trotter is proud to offer electric steam and hot water boilers from Precision Boilers.

There are two varieties of electric boilers: submersible resistant element type boilers and electrode type boilers. These two kinds of electric boilers rarely overlap in boiler sizing due to manufacturing costs and the level of control required.

Submersible Resistant Element Type Boilers

Submersible Resistant Element Type Boiler
  • Units are available in 208, 240, 380,415, 480, and 600 volt configurations
  • All elements are completely submerged in water
  • Traditionally 200PSI design or below for steam and hydronic boilers

Our element type boilers that are under 200PSI have elements that are 4 bolt flange designed. This means they can be removed with common hand tools unlike the bundle style element loops used by competing boilers.

For our electric boilers above 200PSI, we use a bundle style to ensure pressure ratings up to 1,750PSI.

Resistance electric boilers range from 1HP up to 500HP (10KW-5,000KW) in both electric hydronic and steam boilers. Resistance boilers are controlled using a proportional progressive sequencing step card controller linked to a temp controller (HW Boiler) or pressure controller (Steam boiler).

Each of these electric boilers has internal circuits connected to element contactors that are engaged and disengaged by a step control card, depending on the input on the boiler controller. The step card will engage a select bank of elements in an even loading fashion, while giving time delay to not overwork individual elements more than others. Our “first on/ first off” technology means the step card will engage the next element step circuit if the boiler is shut down in order. This assures even wear of the elements over time.

Electrode Type Electric Boilers

Electrode Type Electric Boilers 2,700PPH-167,000PPH range
  • Range of 2,700PPH-167,000PPH steam output
  • 100-400PSI operating conditions
  • Can only be used in high voltage situations, 4160V, 6.9kV, and 13.2kV
  • Can 80HP-5,000HP (800Kw-50,000KW)

Electrode type electric boilers are only offered as a steam boiler option. The range of these boilers is suitable for most high pressure steam boiler applications. In this design, the electrodes hang above the water level of the boiler. When the system calls for steam, one or more VFD driven pumps ramp boiler water from the reservoir up, through the steam nozzle, and spraying onto the energized electrodes immediately vaporizing into steam.

Using a VFD to control output, electrode boilers are configured with 100% turndown. (See the diagram below.) These boilers cannot enter a low water condition – when water does not reach the nozzle header, it will not make steam and thus the boiler and system are protected.

How Jet Electrode Boilers generate steam. Water jets connect to electrodes, VFD Modulates Pump speed and feedwater level in nozzle header, water resistivity heats feadwater, feedwater returns to bottom, level control adds feedwater as needed.

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