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Modularized design is an effective strategy for the construction of a steam plant project. A modularized approach involves skid mounting, prewiring and pre-piping all the required boiler room equipment components into a self-contained unit, and shipping it complete from the factory. The modularized boiler package is then delivered to job sites where they can be picked off the truck, arranged, and easily set in place.

modularized boiler room design by Lathrop Trotter

Lathrop Trotter has found that for many projects, the modularized boiler room approach delivers significant advantages over traditionally installed systems.

Here are six ways a modularized boiler room can improve your project:

  1. You will see over-all construction schedule decrease.

    When fabrication of the steam boiler system happens while other phases of construction are going on, your construction schedule significantly shortened. Conversely, a stick-built steam boiler requires construction to be complete before any process system work can begin. Start-up and commissioning time is also reduced, since the steam boiler system modules can be fully assembled and tested before they leave the factory. Job site delays due to weather issues are eliminated, as well.

  2. Your project pricing will be more reliable and costs will be lower.
    In remote locations where skilled labor is unavailable or where productivity is low, a modularized approach will minimize the need for skilled local labor. More accurate construction cost estimates are possible since field labor and uncertainty are reduced via this modularized approach.
  3. Job site safety is improved.job safety is improved with use of modularized boiler rooms
    Factory settings are safer than jobsite settings, so OSHA exposure hours are reduced.

    By factory testing equipment, trained technicians are able to catch and correct potentially hazardous conditions before the equipment leaves the plant, reducing risk to on site personnel.

  4. Since assembly occurs at the factory, fewer on-site resources are needed.

    The simplified design and factory assembly of a modularized boiler room unit means that there is less material and manpower wasted due to construction site inefficiencies. Factory construction facilitates production style assembly and ideal construction conditions for reduced waste material.

  5. Quality control in boiler room equipment fabrication is optimized.

    Skids are factory assembled in quality-controlled plants by teams that routinely perform this work, often with a well-established and continuously improved QC program. This means final quality is better than what is typically achievable in a field setting. Expertly trained and highly experienced assembly and fabrication technicians ensure consistent, high quality systems leave the plant.

  6. You will see greater flexibility for system design.

    Modularized boiler rooms are designed to best utilize space available. Access ways and service areas are initially designed into the modules, which makes for a safer, and more easily maintained steam plant. Building costs are sometimes reduced due to the smaller footprint of modular systems.

Lathrop Trotter offers you extensive experience in customizing standard steam boiler system modularized units. We create highly efficient boiler room systems that optimize performance and reduce long-term operating costs. Our team will assist you in working through a variety of features and options that will customize your system to meet the needs of your particular process or facility.

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