Prepare Your Boiler System for Plant Expansion

Expanding your plant means growing your production capability and profits. In order to gain the most from your plant expansion investment, you must support it by growing your operation’s capacity to meet the resulting new demand. Whether the size of your facility is increasing, or you are adding new processes to your operation, your boiler system must be ready to meet the challenge.

Keeping Current Equipment

Deciding whether or not to keep your current equipment for your plant expansion requires careful consideration of your current boiler’s performance capabilities and your plant operational goals. Plant power outages are not an option. Performance must remain at peak levels, while cost overruns must be avoided. Examining your current system and understanding its limits will enable you to make the right equipment decisions for your plant expansion.

Planning For Safety

Your plant expansion plan must be backed by knowledgeable and careful consideration of safety and safety-related regulations. Choosing a boiler system based on the product selection of your service provider could have dire consequences. For example, the type of boiler fuel and control system you choose must be one that your personnel are qualified to manage, and you must have employees that are properly trained in the required combustion equipment maintenance. It’s important to identify the right system for your company, and then partner with a quality third-party service provider to create a long term, custom service plan. 

Determining Load And Projected Requirements

When selecting the right boiler for your application, you must have a clear understanding of your facility loads and utility usage. In the case of steam boilers, consider steam pressure and load profile.  In the case of hot water boilers, know your minimum and maximum temperatures and hot water load profile. Certain boiler types perform better for certain applications, primarily based on whether the load profile is steady or fluctuating. A qualified supplier with engineering expertise can help you make this determination.

Select the Right Equipment with an Expert

Wouldn’t it make more sense to work with knowledgeable and experienced boiler experts to help you to determine your best equipment options? Lathrop Trotter will help you select a custom boiler system that will deliver precisely what you need with measurable energy and cost savings. Because we work with a variety of manufacturers, and are not tied down to specific lines, we are able to provide unmatched systems.