Improving Boiler Efficiency

Boilers have been a dependable and proven source for generating heat and power for centuries. Emerging technologies are now taking boilers to whole new levels in terms of performance and efficiency. Whether a boiler upgrade is something you have been considering, or something you have been putting off, now is the time to invest in greater efficiency.

Cut Costs Without Limiting Potential

Reducing operating costs and enhancing profit potential is not a ‘choose one’ proposition. It is possible to achieve both with a comprehensive plan that considers your operation as a whole. While more power seems like the primary goal, you shouldn’t  be paying for more power than you need and can use. Basing new boiler selections on your current peak usage is not a plan for greater efficiency. An experienced boiler expert will help you to calculate your per unit costs and develop a plan for peak boiler performance and efficiency. Greater efficiency can be achieved in an existing system by testing and adjusting for cost savings.

Regulations and Emissions

Just because an old boiler system still works does not mean it is efficient, or compliant with current EPA regulatory standards. Different federal regulations apply, depending on the size of the boiler, the type of fuel used, and the type of pollutants involved. Your boiler supplier should be available to assist you in understanding the regulatory requirements that impact your operation and what you must do to be compliant and achieve greater efficiency. Your objective should be to stay ahead of regulations, knowing how your current boiler system measures up, and understanding what your goals need to be.

Technology Drives Greater Efficiency

Boiler controls vary, from very basic on-off systems, to sophisticated systems with precise and adaptive fuel and air matching. New burner control technology achieves greater efficiency by changing the way the boiler operates. More advanced boiler controls are used on larger units where annual fuel cost warrant increased control of fuel and air.

Achieve Great Efficiency with an Experienced Expert

Working with experienced engineers and knowledgeable boiler experts is the most dependable way to achieve the greatest efficiency with your boiler system. The Lathrop Trotter team will help you develop a custom boiler system that will deliver precisely what you need with measurable energy and cost savings.