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The Lathrop Trotter team is excited to announce that we have expanded our product line through our partnership with Brace Integrated Services. Our team will work with Brace specifically to provide industrial scaffolding and heat tracing systems.

Brace is known for serving challenging markets with rigorous timeframes and safety requirements, and supporting customers as a reliable and capable partner. Their products represent some of the most advanced materials and technology available, and are engineered to adapt to various extreme conditions.

Industrial Scaffolding

The Brace industrial scaffolding line includes extensive inventory of mobile and stationary scaffolding systems that meet or exceed the rigorous technical and regulatory requirements while conforming to the latest OSHA compliances.

Brace Industrial line of Scaffolding

The PERI-UP Rosett Flex modular scaffolding system allows for the greatest possible flexibility, using a minimum number of components. It is the ideal system for constructing working platforms and stair towers as well as assembling reinforcement scaffolding. The flexibility of PERI scaffolding equates to saving time and money.

  • Standards, ledgers and decks are pre-engineered to have a uniform length and width grid arrangement
  • Industrial decking is available in lengths of 50 cm (19.685 in) up to 3.0 m (9.84252 ft) in 25 cm (9.84252 in) or 50 cm increments with widths of 25 and 37.5 cm (14.76378 in)
  • Designed for interconnecting to any structure; adjustable to suit each project
  • 25 cm industrial decks engineered to completely cover working platforms without gaps
  • Self-locking ledger connection allows fast and safe assembly.
  • Extremely high load-bearing capacity

Brace offers one of the most unique scaffolding systems on the market. The horizontal members have been tested and certified as suitable for tie-off up to 3 meters in length, allowing more flexibility and increasing productivity for workers while using the system.

Heat Tracing

The Lathrop Trotter team will be working with Brace to provide world-class, turnkey heat tracing systems and services for a variety of applications and climates.

Brace turnkey heat tracing

As experienced heat tracing experts, Brace will work with our team to engineer the best solution for protecting your pipelines, tanks and containers, equipment, and instrumentation from harsh or fluctuating temperatures.

Lathrop Trotter is looking forward to providing our customers with even more products and comprehensive services. Contact us to discuss your project!

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