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Lathrop Trotter is very proud to share our case study about our story of success in boiler selection and installation.

Sinclair Community College was facing the hassle of dealing with two old, inefficient, unreliable boilers. Lathrop Trotter was tasked with not only finding the best boiler for Sinclair, but also finding a way to get the boiler through the maze that leads to the basement where the boiler would be placed.

Even prior to winning the bid to work with Sinclair, we decided it was important to know how we would get the boiler into the boiler room. By creating cardboard cutouts of the boiler, we were able to understand the route and maneuvers that were need needed to successfully enter the boiler room.

By going the extra mile and recreating the installation prior to receiving the bid, we showed Sinclair that we were willing to provide exceptional service from start to finish. We also wanted to ensure the boiler that was chosen was exceptional as well. Unlike other options that would need to be disassembled, we found an option that not only could remain put together during installation but also yielded 85% efficiency, 5% more than the original 80% Sinclair requested. This increase in efficiency would improve cost savings and further improve the efficiency of their new plant.

We provided a solution Sinclair Community College that exceeded original expectations and outweighed competitor’s options. Through our dedicated efforts, we ensured the best product for Sinclair and created a positive rapport that we intend to maintain.

To learn more about this triumphant partnership, please download our case study, ‘Case Study: Sinclair Community College’.

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