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Badger LogoThe Lathrop Trotter team is excited to announce that we have expanded our product line through our partnership with Badger Industries. Badger offers time tested expansion joint products backed by 170 years of engineering experience. 

Badger has a proven record of success in the design and manufacture of round and rectangular metal expansion joints and fabric expansion joints for industrial piping and ducting systems. Over a century ago, Badger began manufacturing convoluted metal bellows expansion joints and today continues to be a leader in the development of expansion joint design technology. 

Badger has been a leading manufacturer of metal bellows expansion joints and services since 1916. The Badger line of metal expansion joints:

  • Metal Expansion JointsBadger Expansion Joints
  • Single Expansion Joints
  • Double Expansion Joints
  • Universal Expansion Joints
  • Pressure Balanced Expansion Joints
  • Hinged Expansion Joints
  • Gimbal Expansion Joints
  • Toroidal Expansion Joints
  • Expansion Joints for Heat Exchangers
  • Metal Penetration Seals for HRSG boilers

The comprehensive Badger line of fabric expansion joints includes:

  • Fabric Expansion JointsBadger Expansion Joints
  • HRSG Inlet Expansion Joints
  • Fabric Penetration Seals
  • HRSG Stack Inlet Expansion Joints
  • Gas Turbine Exhaust Expansion Joints
  • GE 7FA Flex Seal Upgrade
  • Transition Diffuser Duct Repair
  • Expansion Joints for Pipeline Compressor Stations

Through our partnership with Badger Industries, Lathrop Trotter in better positioned to provide complete solutions for applications involving:

  • Combined Cycle Power
  • Chemical & Petrochemical
  • FCCU & Refineries
  • Power Generation
  • Engineering & Construction
  • Steel/Metal Mills
  • Heat Exchanger
  • Gas Transmission
  • And More

Lathrop Trotter is looking forward to providing our customers with even more products and comprehensive services. Contact us to discuss your project!

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