Weishaupt compact burners are reliable, efficient and proven millions of times over in everyday field operation. Models include W5 compact gas and oil-fired burners (43 – 188 MBTU/h) and W10 – W40 compact gas and oil-fired burners (85 – 1,945 MBTU/h).

Weishaupt large and medium-sized burners are valued the world over for their sound, high-quality construction. They are efficient and provide many years of service. The burners can be found on combustion plant in domestic, commercial and industrial settings, as well as performing well in challenging conditions outdoors and on the ocean.

WK-series burners are the most powerful burners made by Weishaupt. Rated up to 109,000 MBTU/h they have been designed primarily for heavy-duty industrial applications. These burners are available as gas, oil, or dual fuel.

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